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Noor Zahariah Jupary, 21 years old

An important list

Is it possible for one to get sick from engaging in too much outdoor activities? I've been feeling under the weather lately and all I could ever think of for the past 2 days was to just curl in my bed with a plate filled with nutella sandwiches. But Alhamdulillah, I'm feeling slightly better right now as I chug myself down with bottles of lemon water to get my immune system back on track. And on another note, I'm seriously getting darker. Oh no.</p> <p>And so here's the thing, I don't know why but somehow being sick, kind of, somehow always get my mind wandering in things that I never really would have thought of in my normal typical day. So I was lazing around on the sofa yesterday evening catching up on a Bollywood Movie that I pre-recorded last Vesak Day (talking about procrastination) and it caught me off guard as to why I have this urgency to create a list of my important contact numbers that my parents should have a hold of in case anything were to happen to me. It suddenly striked me that this is REALLY important as there need to be a system where information could be disseminated easily. And so, I grabbed a pen and paper and started listing.</p>
There was this little bit of insecurity as I sat down with my mom to pass this list of contacts yesterday evening. It wasn't a serious conversation to start of with, but I could sense it became a serious  and important matter for both of us as I started to introduce to her the individuals in the contact list. </p>
And with that, I went to bed with a slight heavy heart wondering if I will ever wake up the next day. I thought of my family and friends, and realised that death is always near.